A litle history ...

King Farouk, also known by the name of owner "Perotta", was a French-built cutter, used for transport of goods of various kinds.
He was armed with three trees, a hundred feet long, and a tonnage of about fifty tons.
Its owner Mr Perotta, had a strong dispute with the insurance company after the sinking of the ship, which occurred during a heavy storm night in 1955.
Perotta argued that the ship at the time of the sinking, carrying a precious cargo (copper) for which a significant sum demanded by the insurance compensation.
The insurance that would have to pay the lost cargo advanced the hypothesis of fraud.
To resolve this doubt were called into question even the divers of the Navy, which would have to find the load dispersed on the bottom putting down the issue.
Nothing was found and the insurance had to reimburse the Perotta the budgeted amount for the lost cargo.


The wreck lies on its side almost in sailing trim, on a sandy ground around the depth of -70 m., The hull has significant signs of deterioration and not much remains of the wreck, the wooden part was consumed by time (sunk in 1955) leaving only the skeleton iron saw.
If the visibility is good is easy to spot Pisces Moon sedentary.

The high depth, the presence of currents and some networks, limited only to the immersion experienced divers.


Diving: technique reserved for experienced divers
Patent minimum required: Trimix diver
Depth min: 60 mt
Maximum depth: 70 mt
presence networks: yes
Current: medium-strong
Biological interest: high
Photographic interest: high


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