A little history ...

The tanker Amoco Milford Haven, later renamed Haven, built in 1973, sank on April 14, 1991; is undoubtedly one of the wrecks "excellent" of the seabed of the Ligurian Riviera.


It is a majestic wreck: a supertanker 334 meters long and 26 wide, with a gross tonnage of 109 700 tonnes well.

On 11 April 1991 during the operations of load balancing,
unleashes a fire that lasts for three days.

Very dense columns of black smoke rise from the ship up to four meters high, while tens of thousands of tonnes of oil escaping from the hull torn by explosions.
The wreck, maimed in the first 90 meters of the bow, it becomes a real torch semigalleggiante.

At 11 am on April 14, comes the epilogue: the Haven sinks and reborn over time as a huge point of restocking of game and botanist.

From 'April 2004 is open to certified divers.



The ship is now lying in navigation position, slightly tilted to the right side, on a sandy bottom, at an average depth of about -80m. The poop deck rises to -34 m.

The Haven is the wreck visited largest in the Mediterranean, the dive, given the depth in the game, is considered "challenging", and is strongly not recommended for inexperienced divers.

At a minimum it requires a patent Advanced Deep enabler 40 mt. or equivalent with a minimum degree of experience; for those who want to go from 40 mt to 54 mt has applied for a patent Decompression Diving or equivalent, or a patent Trimix for those who want to go beyond the 54 meters to the propeller, located at 82 mt.



Diving: Technical
Patent minimum required: depending on the depth deep, Decompression diving or Trimix diver
Depth min: 34 mt
Maximum depth: 82 mt
presence networks: you
Current: medium-strong
Biological interest: high
Photographic interest: high


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